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    Dr. Palitha Kohona Presents Credentials to the Chinese President


    Sri Lanka Signs USD 500 Million Loan Agreement with China

    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visited the White Horse Temple in Luo Yang, Henan on 10 April 2021 accompanied by Deputy Mayor Huisheng Zhao of Luoyang City,and was hosted by the chief monk, Rev. Yin Le, and the deputy chief monk Rev. Yo Gin. Rev. Yin Le had visited Sri Lanka a few times and even met former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Dr. Kohona was shown around the large temple complex by Rev. Yin Li  and blessed by a large group of monks chanting the pragna paramita sutra. The White Horse Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in China established for Monk Kasyapa Matanga and continues to attract the faithful by the thousands, judging by the crowds milling around its spacious grounds.


    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona Visits Poverty Alleviation Scheme in Tongbai County, Henan Province

    Dr. Palitha Kohona was invited by the Henan Government to visit the county of Tongbai to witness a successful poverty alleviation project.  The village, working with the provincial and central government authorities, had concluded a very successful poverty alleviation programme in line with the goal of the central government of eliminating extreme poverty in China.  China has already eliminated extreme poverty in the country ahead of the UN SDG target.  The village has managed its water supply by building dams and reservoirs, commenced growing mushrooms on a large commercial scale, and was also growing strawberries and tea for the export market.  The mushroom cultivation has become a multi-million Yuan industry employing modern science and technology.  The enthusiasm of the village leaders for their projects was evident.  With eliminating poverty being a major policy goal of the Government, Sri Lanka could learn much from initiatives such as these. Dr. Kohona discussed providing training to rural leaders of Sri Lanka on the successful poverty elimination initiatives of China.



    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visited the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan Province. He was received ceremonially by the chief monk, Shi Yong Xin, Deputy chief monk, Yan Pei, and was treated to a  specially prepared Shaolin vegetarian lunch to experience the Shaolin culture. Shaolin monks are vegetarians.  The Shaolin martial arts practicing monks also gave an awesome performance specially for the Sri Lankan Ambassador s delegation.  The Ambassador and the Chief Monk exchanged ideas for cooperation between the Shaolin Temple and Sri Lanka, including visits by senior monks, student exchanges and the establishment of a Shaolin centre in Sri Lanka.


    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visits the Beijing Capital Airport Bonded Warehouse


    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona Visits the China Gems and Jade Exchange, Shanghai, April 2, 2021

    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visited the China Gems and Jade Exchange, Shanghai and met Simon Chan, Vice President. Chan briefed Dr. Kohona on the workings of the exchange and suggested ways for actively cooperating with Sri Lanka. The Exchange will regularize the trade and introduce discipline. His sympathies for Sri Lanka were obvious and he lamented the poor performance of Sri Lanka stones in the most lucrative coloured stone market in the world.


    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona Meets with Senior Officials and NGOs in Shanghai


    China gifts 600,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Sri Lanka

    600,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, gifted by China to Sri Lanka were handed over to Dr. Palitha Kohona, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China, on 30th March 2021, at the Embassy by Mr. Chen Song, Deputy Director General of the Asia Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in the presence of Ms. Shi Shengyi, Deputy General Manager of China National Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. (Sinopharm), Chairman of the Board of the China Sinopharm International Corporation. Read More



    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visited Shenzhen on 27 March to declare open the China - Sri Lanka Business, Trade and Cultur Centre(CSLBTCC). The CSLBTCC is a private sector initiative to promote trade, investment, cultural exchanges and tourism between China and Sri Lanka. The CSLBTCC hopes to link up with organisations with similar interests in Sri Lanka and it s members will invest significant funds. Dr. Kohona also paid a visit to the head office of Tencent, a leading company in the Global 500, with a market capitalization of over US$470 billion.

    The International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA) visited H.E. the Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona in the Embassy in Beijing on 25th of March. As the world s first NGO organization focusing on mountain tourism development, IMTA is guided by the vision of protecting mountain resources, preserving mountain civilization, promoting mountain economy and benefiting mountain communities.The Ambassador encouraged IMTA to expand its relations with Sri Lanka, especially its Tourist Board, and promote Sri Lankan Mountain tourism by utilizing its efficient platform.


    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona met with Travelzen Group on 24 March, 2021. The Group will promote travel to Sri Lanka.


    The Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona accepted a donation of 90 units of surgical mask producing machines donated by Huana Holdings Group (DMI) of the Shandong Province, China on 22nd March 2021.  The donations were made at the company headquarters in Jinan, Shandong. The Ambassador thanked DMI and commended the timely donation of mask making machines by the company to Sri Lanka.The mask produced by these machines in Sri Lanka could be used for the domestic purpose and export. This could be a foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China coordinated the donation.  Vice Mayor of Jinan, Shandong province and Director of Jinan Municipal Foreign Affairs office graced the occasion.     

    Sichuan Gaoda Science & Technology Co. Ltd and Sichuan Yiyang Xuanyu Trading Co. Ltd plan to invest in the industrial paper industry of Sri Lanka. Mr. Hu De Bing, General Manager of the Sichuan Gaoda Science & Technology Co. Ltd and representatives of the Sichuan Yiyang Xuanyu Trading Co. Ltd, called on the Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona today (23/03/2021), at the Embassy to discuss an investment proposal for the paper industry.Sichuan Gaoda is a leading manufacturer of industrial paper in China. They also have plants in Indonesia and Vietnam. The Sichuan Gaoda Science & Technology Co. Ltd is looking for opportunities to invest in the industrial paper manufacturing in Sri Lanka. The Ambassador provided detailed information about opportunities available in Sri Lanka for investments in this sector.

    Mr. Gao Zhan, Vice President of the China National Machinery Import and Export Cooperation called on the Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, today (23.03.2021) at the Embassy to brief the Ambassador on the construction of Beliatta-Hambantota and Hambantota-Kataragama railway. He also discussed the construction of railway carriages in Sri Lanka. The Ambassador further suggested collaboration with the local firms in producing the railway carriages.  The Ambassador also suggested the renewable energy sector is a promising investment area in Sri Lanka since Sri Lanka would convert 70% of its energy production to renewable energy by 2030.  Mr. Yin Qing, General Manager and Mr. Cai Xudong, Deputy General Manager accompanied the Vice President.

    Ms. Wang Li, Director International Cooperation Centre of the China Satellite Navigation Office called on the Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona on 15.03.2021 at the Embassy. She briefed the Ambassador on the activities of the China Satellite Navigation Office and explained that the BeiDou navigation system is more accurate and efficient than other similar systems around the world.  Their Centre has 36 satellites and out of them, 4 are in equatorial orbit and mostly used to serve East Asia and South East Asia. The Ambassador explained that Sri Lanka is currently using the GPS navigation system and the service is free of charge. He further told that Sri Lanka could explore the possibility of using another navigation system simultaneously with the GPS.


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